Detox Footbath

A summary of the NRG Works foot spa:

The NRG works foot spa was designed to pull toxic substances from the body through the pores of the feet. At the same time, the foot spa sends a low voltage (24 volts DC current) up into the body through the feet, rejuvenating every cell in the body and providing the body with the energy it needs to: detoxify itself naturally, speed up the healing process following injuries, fight off viral, bacterial, and parasitic infection, increase metabolism, improve nerve function and brain clarity, and improve stamina all around. The foot spa has also been proven to decrease blood pressure, decrease cholesterol, break up plaque formation, clear cellular debris, increase circulation, reduce water retention, and stimulate a natural detoxifying process that lasts 48 hours following each treatment.


Toxins in the body:
There are roughly 70,000 toxic chemicals made in the USA alone. Many of these toxins enter the body via our food, water, air, or through direct contact with our skin. Many toxins have been found in the blood stream; bound to proteins. Proteins are negatively charged and bound to positively charged toxins. Heavy metals hold a positive charge: Aluminum, mercury, and lead all have a 2+ charge and reside in the body to mimic elements like Sodium, Potassium, and Calcium, which also have a 2+ charge. Lead, for example is stored in the bones and mother's milk ... where ever calcium is stored. There are toxins that are fat-soluble; these reside in the fat storage of the body. Ever wonder why you may be eating all the right foods and exercising and yet you still can't loose those extra pounds? Fat acts to protect the body from toxins.

Fat "wraps" around fat-soluble toxins in order to protect the body. When our detoxifying organs, like the liver, kidneys, and colon are over taxed, our body starts to store fat to buffer itself from the adverse affects of the toxins. Toxins are also found in the lymphatic fluids, where the immune cells are actively trying to fend them off. The location of storage of all the different toxins we're exposed to depends on the characteristics of the toxin itself. Lead, for example mimics calcium and resides mostly in bone and mother's milk, which is why it can be passed on to both the fetus and the baby during and after development.

Certain toxins are drawn from the body more easily than others depending on how close they are to the surface of the outer layers of the body. Toxins that are not so easily drawn out eventually come out over time and as the body becomes stronger via the electrical stimulation of the foot spa treatments over time, the cells abilities to get rid of toxins increases.

Summary of the functions of the foot spa:

  1. Direct Detoxifying: pulls positively charged substances toward the module: into the water (like a magnet).
  2. Indirect detoxifying: enhances body's natural detoxification processes via charging the body at the cellular level so that it can reject foreign substances (toxins) with enhanced ability.


  1. Donating electrons to the body to neutralize free radical formation or prevent this from occurring.
  2. Charging the body