3-12-13 Update-U12 Championships and U8/U10 Fun Day

Last weekend, some of the U12’s traveled to Mt. Bachelor for the Oregon U12 Finals. We were greeted with great weather and cold snow on Friday for a super-fun training session on Thunderbird, the race venue. Then it was off to the Backside of Bachelor on the Northwest Express for some awesome powder in the trees skiing to wrap up the day.

Saturday brought another beautiful, blue-bird day for Men’s GS and Women’s Slalom. In the GS, Adrian Ljumanovic put in two solid runs to capture 10th place out of the field of 48. Eric Belden began the weekend with a solid run, but on his second run he slayed the field with the fastest second run to move up to 5th in the GS. Finally, in two runs of super-strong skiing, Seth Bernhard was able to hold on and finish just off the podium in 4th. On the Ladies side, the slalom was technical and long. Even so, Savina Dock skied very well against a strong field of Ladies to finish 13th out of the 50 starters. Laure Finley and Soliel Pelletier also finished both their runs and were extremely pleased with their results at their first “Big Race”.

Sunday again brought a classic Mt. Bachelor day with cold, grippy snow, and blue skies. The venues were again perfect for the Women’s GS and the Men’s Slalom. The MBSEF crew set amazing courses that really let the athlete’s show their skills. Savina Dock skied strong albeit conservative on her first run and sat in 14th afterwards. But with some encouragement from Coach Francois (something about Math and Mom…), Savina had the 6th fastest second run and moved herself up to 9th place in the GS! Laurel Finlay also skied some of her best and really got moving on her second run enough to move up some more in the standings and finish 27th.

For the Boys Slalom, as each athlete ran, the suspense continued to build. Seth, Adrian, Eric and Beckett all skied well enough to be in 6th, 10th, 13th, and 15th after the first run. Respectable, but as a team we were runnin’ and gunnin’ for some top tens. So, on the second run, after a flip 30, as each MRT racer finished they were all fast enough to capture the top spot for a moment. In the end, MRT had placed four athletes in the top ten with Seth Bernhardt in 5th, Adrian Ljumanovic in 8th, Eric Belden in 9th, and Beckett Whritenour having a great day and finishing up in 10th. And to cap off the great success of the team, in the final overall standings, Seth Bernhardt finished in 3rd place for the weekend. Way to go MRT!!

Back at Meadows, Coach John Rust summed it up this way….”It was the perfect ending to a great season. In my 20+ year on Mt. Hood I’ve never seen a group (parents, athletes and coaches) come together and have so much fun.”

The race of the day was Sky Jockey (Aaron Z.) Versus Digger (Sean W.) – we look for many rematches in the years to come!!

Thanks for everyone’s contributions and dedication to our program.

Stay posted for a summer get together. We would like to get everyone together during the summer for a day of fun. Biking, swimming etc.. If you have any great ideas for a get together let Jim and Steve know! This could be a morning of training followed by and afternoon at Ski Bowl in the Action Park!!

Don’t forget we need a couple of interested parents to get involved at the board level. The stability and success of “our” program comes from having representation from the youth to the oldest athletes!!

John F. Rust

3-3-13 Update-Meadows Challenge and Auction

We must be livin’ right….or at least making the proper sacrifices to the alpine gods, because the Meadows Challenge and MRT Social/Auction were phenomenal successes by all standards!

First off, a sincere and heartfelt THANK YOU to all that stepped up to make the weekend wonderful. It’s hard to single out individuals, because so many helped out, but please join me in thanking Bonnie Junell for the auction, Karl Wardrop for the races, Tracy Lisac for admin. and Todd McNabb/Tim Johnson for the timing. Nothing would have worked out so well without the tremendous efforts that these folks put into the weekend.

So, here we go. Saturday greeted us with a window in the weather and presented some variable snow for the slalom. The courses really held up well despite the warmth the previous days, and with a little salt in the afternoon, we completed two great runs for all of the athletes. Once again, the U8’s showed that MRT is a team that is growing from the bottom up with fast runs by all of the athletes. The U8 Girls rocked the course and though none reached the podium on Saturday, they swept the rest of the field with Clair Tansey, Maddie Herion, Sophie Herman, Claire McCorkle, Lux Zaronsinski, and Maddie Wood in 3rd through 9th places. The Boys were also strong in the U8’s with Thorsen Welch on the podium in 2nd, Tyler Moore in 4th, Jack Barrow in 9th and Grant Winquist in 11th.

**Special Recognition goes out to Luke Vecchiet, who disqualified himself after missing a gate. He was originally listed as the winner, but pulled himself to allow others to move up. Great Job Luke!

The older athletes had a little more to deal with on their course with soft snow conditions but Shelby Willett and McKenzie Walker got into the top ten, finishing 6th and 10th in the U10 Girls. Savina Dock also skied smooth and fast for an 8th place finish in the U12’s, while Aiden Willett stayed solid with a 7th place finish in the U14 ranks. The Boys field was competitive as always, and MRT athletes showed that not only can they hang with the “big dogs”, they ARE the big dogs! Abe Barrow, Ethan Bernhardt, and Kellen Larson rocked the U10 group to finish 6th, 8th and 10th. In the U12’s, Seth Bernhardt continued to show his strength with 4th place finish. Trevor Pool and Adrian Ljumanovic also made the top 10 in 8th and 10th places. And finishing up the day the U14 boys put in a great effort, but the course was getting pretty beat up and it took it’s toll on most of the guys. Nonetheless, Alex Johnson had two solid runs and jumped into 9th place just as the wind and the weather was moving in for a forecasted BIG storm for the night.

After all of the fun on the hill, we settled into the Vertical North Loft for the Annual, MRT Auction and Social. There was great food provided by Meadows, and a ton of items for the auction. Thanks to all that helped to procure all of the items. It was a lot of fun to see all the new families and the “experienced” families getting a chance to meet and chat it up. Good things are on the way for MRT!

On Sunday, with all the anticipation of a big powder day and high winds, the mountain gods pushed the front through fast and furious to leave us with a crystal-clear morning, with no wind, and cold temps for the best racing surface we could ask for, firm and fast.

Coach Ryan B. set a fun, cruising GS down Stadium and Coach John set up a fun GS as well for the U8’s. The U8 Girls, took six of the top 10 places with Bergen Rust capturing 1st and Claire Tansey, Emma Titus, Claire McCorkle, Lux Zaronsinski, Sophie Herman and Maddy Herion finishing 4th, 5th, 6th, 8th, 10th, and 12th respectively. The U8 Boys also held their own with Luke Vecchiet cashing in on his good Karma from the day before to again take the top spot on the podium right beside Tyler Moore who joined Luke by capturing 2nd. Rounding out the top U8 Boys were Miles Roberts 6th, Thorsen Welch 9th, Jack Barrow 11th, Jonathon Lewis 12th and Grant Winquist 13th.

The Girls on the “big course” skied strong and fast. Shelby Willett captured 10th for the U10’s, Savina Dock moved into 7th with two solid runs for the U12’s, and Aiden Willett was on the podium in 3rd for the U12’s followed by a great performance by newcomer Kaela Lee in 7th.

The Boys covered the large field in the U10s with Abe Barrow in 7th, Ethan Bernhardt in 9th, Cole Sischo in 13th and Kellen Larson rounding out the top 20 in 18th. With the courses holding up extremely well, the U12 boys got a chance to really shine. Out of the large field, MRT boys again showed that they have what it takes to compete. Seth Bernhardt topped the podium in 1st, supported by Trevor Pool in 5th, Adrian Ljumanovic in 6th, and Beckett Whritenour being healthy and having a good day during a tough season and finishing up in 8th. The Mount Hood Race Team dominated the U14’s, but MRT did get a few athletes into the top 10 with Alex Johnson coming on strong and Adam Valls hanging on through a couple of mishaps to finish 7th and 8th respectively. Nash Levy, Connor Hilts and Asa Miller also put in some good skiing, but each had their own slip-ups and STILL were able to get into the top 15 in this fast group.

Again, thanks to everyone for a great weekend. We’re into Championship Season, with the U12’s this week and the U14’s the following weekend. Then it’s time to prepare for the May Day race at Mt. Bachelor during the April block. There’s still a lot of great skiing ahead, so let’s have fun and go fast!

2-26-13 Update-Kandy Kup Kombi

Whoa! What a weekend last week.

Saturday greeted us with blasts of wind and buckets of snow. But in true ski team fashion, the athletes went out and braved the weather for some much needed powder training. Though the lift lines were long, patience prevailed and smiles were from ear to ear. John Rust was the coach of the day, guiding his pack of athletes through all the bowls, 1 through 5, in the morning.

Sunday, was a totally different day with no wind, clear skies and RACE DAY!

The Kombi ended up being an awesome day for MRT. Throughout the age groups MRT had tremendous success and multiple athletes in the “hardware”. Highlights included the U8s who rocked the top ten in Boys and Girls. Bergen Rust in 2nd in the U8 Girls, followed by Emma Titus 4th, Clair McCorkle 5th, Claire Tansey 7th, Lux Zaronsinski 8th, and Sophie Herman in 9th. For the U8 Boys, Luke Vecchiet topped the podium in 1st, Tyler Moore in 2nd and Thorsen Welch in 4th. Rounding out the U8 Boys were Jack Barrow in 9th, Miles Roberts in 11th Caulin Mecham in 12th, and Grant Winquist in 14th.

Moving into the “Big Course”, the U10s had some trouble with the second delay, but so did athletes from all of the teams. Not to be discouraged, the athletes stepped up their second runs to finish strong and learn a little in the process. But we did get two strong runs out of Ethan Bernhardt 6th, Cole Sischo 7th , Zoe Coughlin-Glaser 10th, and Crystal Becerra 13th. Savina Dock shaved off 1.5 seconds on her second run to finish in 4th for the U12 girls, and Aiden Willett put down two rockin’ runs to finish in 5th for the U14 girls. New to the team this year, the silky smooth Kaela Lee skied solid for a top ten 8th place in the U14s as well.

The Boys in the U12s came through with Seth Bernhardt laying down the fastest runs and wrapping up 1st place. Trevor Pool had just a little trouble on one turn and still hammered out 4th, while Beckett Whitenour 8th, Chase Mecham 18th, and Berg Schmiesing 19th rounded out the top 20 for the U12s.

Finally, in the U14 Boys, we went 3rd through 6th with a MRT run led by Conner Hilts 3rd, Alex Johnson 4th, Asa Miller 5th, and Nash Levy 6th. Sneaking into the top ten for the first time, we also had Christopher Winjum, first year racer holding up for tenth place! Way to go Boys!

With all of the successes this past week, once the final tally was made, MRT just missed winning the Candy Cup and ended up in second. Great job team, it all bodes well for the future of MRT. Keep it up and we’ll see you all at the Meadows Challenge.

Coach Steve Lisac.

2-11-13 Update-Oregon 4-way

We had a fun, adventurous three days participating in the Oregon 4-way this past weekend. Friday was the Cross-Country race and the Jump competition. Seth Bernhardt, Beckett Whritenour, and Aiden Willett stepped up and competed in the Cross Country race on a beautiful, crisp, sunny morning. After finishing the arduous course, the athletes said that they had a new found respect for anyone that competes on those “skinny sticks”! Seth had a solid event and worked his way to a 7th place finish in the U12 boys.

The jump competition was held on a perfectly prepared jump hill. A big thanks goes out to the Skibowl staff and MHRT for setting up such a great venue. Isabel Juliana put in two solid jumps and was able to capture 6th place in the U12 girls. Aiden Willett nearly jumped 50 feet in her final jump which propelled her into the top ten at 10th place for the U14 girls. Seth Bernhardt went big on his final jump, flying 52 feet, but wobbled a little in the air and couldn’t quite hold onto his landing. He presented the crowd with the crash of day, but luckily was unhurt and finshed the competition in 7th place for the U12 boys. And finally in the jump, though Asa Miller went big at 58 feet on his third try, it wasn’t enough to crack into the top 10 against some tough competition. A respectable 12th place was the final result for Asa.

Saturday brought a cold, windy, and foggy day to Skibowl. While many of you were basking in sunshine at Meadows, the U12 and U14’s were preparing for a full blown, FIS style GS on Reynolds Run. The track was awesome as the 160 racers made their way through inspection and prepared to race. Savina Dock held on to two strong runs for a 13th place finish for the U12’s. Sarah Gradwohl also remained very consistent for a solid 17th place finish. And although Aiden Willett struggled on the first run, she skied strong on the second run to finish in 23rd in the U14 girls. The boys showed their stuff in the GS as the day progressed. For the U12 boys, Seth took 4 seconds off of his first run time to show he’s in it with the “big boys” and placed 5th overall. Trevor Pool and Eric Belden also skied strong and consistent to place 9th and 12th, respectively. Our up and coming Croatian rockstar, Adrian Ljumanovic put in a solid top 15 first run, but ran into a little trouble on the second run, he still finished 25th out of a field of over 40 boys. In the U14 field, we had some solid skiing where everyone took advantage of running on redressed course again and improved their times on the second run. Adam Valls, Connor Hilts, Nash Levy and Asa Miller all finished in the top 20 against some strong competition.

Sunday greeted us with perfect bluebird skies, cold temps, an awesome hill and some great slalom sets. We were remarking how it just couldn’t get any better for a race and how lucky we were to be able to enjoy such beauty while competing. As the race commenced, the U12 girls were rockin’ an awesome slalom course set by Curtis Shuck. Then the unthinkable happened. The chairlift broke down, and not just for a while, but for the day! Now, with athletes, parents, and public on the chair, the race was halted as the Patrollers began evacuating the people with ropes and belaying them to the snow. This truly was a new experience for everyone, especially for Adrian, Connor and Alex, who will forever have a story to tell about the 2013 Oregon 4-way…and it won’t be about the race results, but how they got to slide off the chair and dangle by a rope as they were lowered to the ground. Kudos to the ski patrol and especially, MRT parent, Eric Pool, who lent his expertise and strength in assisting a team in the evac process. So, here was the dilemma. How do you continue a race with 160 athletes and no uphill transportation? After some terrific assistance by the Skibowl management, three snowmobiles with tow ropes started shuttling athletes to the start. It was a monumental effort, especially since it had to be done twice. But with patience and great coordination between MHRT, Ski Patrol, and Skibowl staff, the race was on!

In the U12’s, Savina Dock skied well enough for a 15th place while Eric Belden rocked to 6th, and Berg Schmiesing captured 16th. The U14’s also performed strong with Aiden, Sarah, and Kaela Lee all in the top 20 for the girls. On the Boys side, the course was fast and hard. There was a little trouble on each run for some, but Adam Valls was able to keep it clean to capture 10th place as Connor Hilts placed 16th.

Overall it was a fun weekend at Skibowl and one that most of us will not soon forget. Now we will have a great block of training coming up, so we will work hard and prepare for the next event. Thanks again to all of the parents and athletes for a great weekend!

1-28-13 Update-Mighty Mites

In the Mighy Mite world, we had another tremendous weekend of skiing and training. On Saturday, we took advantage of the good weather and new snow in the morning, and skied hard making multiple laps in Heather Canyon. All of the athletes had a great time and we then spent some time working on Skills Quest technique before lunch. In the afternoon, the Mighty Mites invaded Middle Fork for a great session of Slalom tactics and technique in preparation for the Diamond Dual this weekend. With five separate sections including a dual slalom, we worked on our stance, staying level in the shoulders, and getting comfortable with contacting the gates. Throughout the afternoon we continued to see improvement across all levels of athletes on the team.

Sunday brought another great day of fun and intense training. In the morning, while courses were being set, Coaches Cyndi and Jerry took the athletes for some warm-up runs. As you would expect, they went directly to Heather Canyon and the athletes rocked the gnar for a while! With an awesome GS set off of upper Rams Head into Stadium, we worked on improving our line, keeping balanced at the higher speed and maintaining a level stance. From the U8's to the U12's, we really saw the "lightbulbs come on" and the some great training runs being made. After a number of solid runs in the afternoon, all the athletes helped clean up and put away the equipment, then it was a refresher on Skills Quest and a final blast down Heather Canyon.

Thank you again to all of the athletes and more importantly the parents for a great weekend. I can't wait to see everyone on the mountain this weekend!

Coach Steve Lisac

1-22-13 Update (continued)..U16 Qualifier

On Sunday, the boys competed in Day 1 of Slalom and participated in the Skills Quest. Cole came in 21st place in the GS, which was 8th for athletes born in his year. Ben managed to spend as much time going uphill as he did down with two hikes in his first run. To avoid studying biology in the lodge, he pulled himself together and finished so he could ski his second run. Ben skied a bomber 2nd run, but it wasn’t enough to make up for lost time in the first run. Skills Quest results showed that although they are both very talented and were able to score high, there is room for improvement.

On Monday the Vista House at the top of Mt. Spokane was serving free hot chocolate to kids in honor of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. The organizers were not expecting to have 120 kids from across the northwest drink up their supply. Monday marked day 2 of slalom. Ben had a smoking fast run, until he blew out of the course towards the bottom. He was racing to win, but the course got the best of him. Cole also had a smoking fast run, until midway. He lost one of his poles while navigating a three-gate flush. He made it about 10 gates below before he felt too off balance. Cole threw his remaining pole to the side of the course and cleared the remaining gates with no protection. His strategy went well until the last gate. He had to stop, and skate around the correct side of it to finish. In 40th position after the first run, Cole new he needed to make up some time. He skied a mostly clean run with a little bobble on the flats. His 2nd run time was fast enough to give him a solid and well-earned 28th place result.

There were very few dull moments at the first U16 qualifier. The boys managed to have some success, and learn a lot. Especially Ben, he spent every moment not skiing studying for his finals. Well-done boys!

10/22/2012 A note from Head Coach Jim Stevens
Hello MRT Families! The snow has arrived with a quick flurry of activity up on Mt Hood and that is a welcome sight for the start of the 2012/13 season. Snow remains in the forecast for a few more days so it is time to dust off the skis, get the cars ready for winter and wear your ski boots around the living room to start the break-in process.
Here are a couple of reminders and dates: Pass information:
Mt Hood Meadows – Pass prices and information can be found at www.skihood.com. Early discount prices are good until November 4th.
Timberline/Ski Bowl – The Fusion Pass might be an option for some racers this year if 1) they are able to take advantage of early time on snow 2) plan on participating in Thanksgiving Weekend camp and 3) plan on competing in the multiple races at Ski Bowl. Take a look at the race calendar, count your days and figure out if it is worth it for you. This could save money in the long run. Information can be found at www.mthoodfusionpass.com
PNSA Elite Pass – This is for U16 and older athletes who qualify. Processing this pass can take time. Go to the PNSA website for information to get things going. Here is a link for PNSA: www.pnsa.org/elite-pass
U14/U16’s skiing on October 28th:
Since the conditions are cooperating, we would like to get on snow with interested athletes up at Timberline this Sunday. Meet in the lodge at 9am. This is an opportunity to go break in our new boots, get our skiing legs under us and start the skill development needed for a successful season ahead. This is not a gate training or reserved-lane venue. It will be a warm-up skills based venue. FUN ! This is open to registered and paid U14/U16 members before Oct 26th. Please let me know if you are intending to participate by Friday the 26th. We will make a final call on weather by Saturday, Oct 27th @ 6pm via email to the families that contact me and on the website home page. You can email me @ meadowsraceteam@gmail.com or call me directly @ (503) 806-1951.
November Dry-land/Training: On November 11th and 18th we will be getting together either on snow or at a dry-land activity site depending on age groups. Here is the plan:
Nov.11th will be on snow at Timberline.
Nov.18th will be a dry-land activity (location TBA)
Mighty Mites:
Nov 11th will be a dry-land activity (location TBA)
Nov.18th will be on snow at Timberline.
Continued Website innovation: Look to the website soon for some general equipment guidelines for parents to know. I am also working on ski tuning information as well. I hope to create a page of ski tuning information to be available for those interested.
Hopefully everyone is having a good Fall sports season with no injuries and lots of success. I have noticed that there is an enthusiastic group of high school kids here in Hood River that have been training at the local Crossfit gym. I am hoping that the MRT athletes are being as disciplined about their fitness for ski season. If you are not playing a Fall sport, then you need to be doing some kind of prep. I am working on some recommended pre-season ski work outs for your pain and enjoyment. Stay tuned. Ok, that is all for now. Go Snow Go! I look forward to seeing everyone on snow here soon.
Jim Stevens MRT-Head Coach
10/11/2012 Mt. Hood Alpine Race Center
Head Coach Mt Hood Alpine Race Center is holding their annual Race Day this Saturday. Its a great time to see Bob and get your new gear for the season.
09/27/2012 A note from Head Coach Jim Stevens
Hello MRT (Board, Coaches, Parents)!

As the new Head Coach of MRT, I am more excited than ever to get the ski season under way and I wanted to take this opportunity to introduce myself and mention a few dates to get on the Calendar. I also would like to let you know about a few things that I have been working on with the MRT staff.

I have been working here in the Pacific northwest teaching and coaching skiers of all ages since 1993. My winters have been spent primarily at Crystal Mountain, WA with partial seasons at Steamboat, CO and more recently here on Mt Hood. My experience has been spread out working within Ski Schools, coaching with USSA clubs, managing ski shops, working as a
Divisional Clinic Leader for PSIA-NW, and spending a season in the southern hemisphere at Cardrona, NZ where I managed their events crew. My summers have been a variety of fun and adventurous duties including: working aboard boats in Alaska, working as a bicycle guide for a travel company, and most
recently working for Big Winds here in Hood River, OR. I am married, and my wife, Jen, is the French teacher here at Hood River Valley High School.

There are three dates that are sneaking up on us:

- October 4th, Hillcrest's 10th annual Race night

- October 7th, 1-4 pm, the MRT kickoff fall picnic @ Mt Hood

- October 13th, Alpine Race Center's fall equipment festival

I will be available for all three of these events. Another date to remember is the Ski Fever and Snowboard Show in Portland, Nov 2-4 @ the Expo Center.

I am currently working with MRT staff to bring our programs up to speed for the 2012/2013 seasons. Jeff Gradwohl and I have met, and we are focusing on updating the website as fast as we can. Our goal is to have everything available by October 5th, so that enrollment is available for the Meadows picnic.
I have started to make as many phone calls as time allows, trying to catch up with members, coaches and board members here the last week or so. Please expect a call from me soon, if I haven't already tried to reach you.

Again, I am really excited to meet everyone and I can't wait to get back on snow with a charged up bunch of ski racers!

Please feel free to pre-emptively contact me if need be. I can be reached at my email, jamesrs67@gmail.com, or by cell @ (503) 459-6524.

Jim Stevens
Head Coach, Meadows Race Team
Hello All:
Please join me in welcoming Jim Stevens as the new Head Coach of the MRT ski team. Jim has worked coaching for various programs in the Northwest and most recently at the Mt Hood Academy. During the summer he manages employees at Big Winds shop down at the event area in Hood River and coaches a team of high school SUP racers. He resides in Hood River with his wife Jen who teaches French at the high school. Jim will officially start on October 1. We will have more bio information that we will post on the website shortly.
Karl Wardrop
Our fall picnic at Mt Hood Meadows is scheduled for Sunday October 7th. The picnic will be from 1pm to 4pm. We will have a barbeque for lunch. More details to come via email. This is a great opportunity to get together to hear about the upcoming season, say hi to the coaching staff, purchase your season passes and to get enrolled with MRT for the 2012-2013 season. We will also have used gear available for sale at the picnic. In addition, you can sign up for your preferred volunteer days for the 2012-2013 season.

08/11/2012 Update

We had two great camps at Timberline this summer. Ryan Boroughs was our camp coach for this year. Ryan, thanks for coaching.

04/15/2012 Update
Congratulations Ted Neely
2012 MRT Coach of the Year
Hello All,
A fun, relaxed, and exciting day for all who participated in our coach/volunteer appreciation BBQ on Sunday. There was some great head to head racing on the dual GS and a wonderful BBQ atmosphere to follow. Thanks to all who contributed.
A Few Important Awards From The Day.
Ted Neely- Coach of the Year
Ted is a veteran coach and has led many programs to great success. Ted joined MRT this season as an assistant coach in our High School Program. Teds passion and knowledge resonated from our first year ski racers all the way through to our elite athletes. Ted lent himself to assist in whatever task needed to be done and was never afraid to make an executive decision when needed.
Kiefer Kreps- Rookie Coach of the Year
Kiefer joined the MRT staff this season after completing a fruitful career as a junior racer on Mt. Hood. Kiefer was tasked with a multitude of projects and athletes and was consistently successful with his assignments for the day. Above all, Kiefer’s desire to learn about how to be a ski coach made him a refreshing presence on and off the hill.
Robyn Mills- MRT Excellence in Coaching Award
Robyn’s ability to meld fun, positive, and productive training sessions for MRT has qualified her for the Excellence in Coaching Award. Her contagious smile, knowledge of the sport, and ability to charge through the toughest weather Mt. Hood can supply as if it were a day on the beach makes Robyn an example for all coaches.
Thanks to all MRT coaches, volunteers, athletes and families for a great 2011/2012 season.
February 6, 2012
Oregon 4-way Results are in: