Why Choose Enagic?


Enagic is the premier company that manufactures water processing machines capable of producing Kangen water. They are unquestionably the leader in the industry. They have been selling large, expensive units to hospitals, restaurants, farms and other business for over 30 years. 


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Medical treatment at home


Therapy using both alkaline and acidic water for both external and internal use has been recognized as a valid medical treatment in Japan since the 1960s, and it is practiced in manyof Japan's leading hospitals.


All kinds of treatments have had dramatic results and the fortunate patients asked how they could continue their safe, healthy, beneficial water treatment at home. They were told they could not. Enagic recognized a potential large market where both the company and its customers could benefit greatly, so they started doing research to be able to make a consumer unit to produce Kangen water in the home.


They succeeded beyond their expectations and were able to develop machines that could be sold to consumers for $3000 to $4000. Mainly because this equipment can only be sold to an educated market, they decided on network marketing as their primary means of distribution and they have been selling their equipment that way since the mid 1990s.




Compare Enagic to the Competition


Below is a four-part series on the difference between Enagic's SD 501 and water ionizers from other companies. 


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Alkaline Water


Every alkaline water expert agrees that the single most important healthy choice you can make for your body is to drink ionized alkaline restructured water. 


Alkaline Water Experts
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Which is the absolute best machine to spend your money on?


So many claim to have the best machine, and obviously that can't be true.


In our research, we evaluated well over 25 different ionizers, and we will cover some of the key differences.



No. 1 Question


Is there additional quality and value in the SD501, or is it just an artificially inflated $1500 machine that has been overpriced to justify an MLM compensation plan?






The Water Cells

If you ask the CEO of every ionizer company what the most important component would be, they'd all clearly state that it's the water cell. It's often referenced to as the heart of the unit or sometimes we'll hear it called the engine of the machine.

The top technicians at Enagic had recently taken apart one of the Jupiter $1500 Aquarius and Orion ionizers. What they found was really quite interesting.


Three of the five plates were actually meshed and you could see through them. Two of those plates were actually solid


KYK: "The electrodes are the most important component to ionization."


To get the total surface area of each water cell, we will calculate the size of the single plate first by multiplying the width by the height; then multiplying that number by the amount of plates found in each water cell.


Jupiter KYK Enagic
2 3/4" x 4" plates 2 3/4" x 8" plates 5" x 7" plates
= 11 square inches = 22 square inches = 35 square inches
5 plates 5 plates 7 plates
55 square inches 110 square inches 245 square inches


The Jupiter total surface area of its water cell is 445% smaller than Enagic's Leveluk SD 501.

It would take 22 1/2 Jupiter plates to cover the 7 Enagic plates.

Find 7 DVD cases and place them side-by-side. Then find 2 CD cases and place them on top of the DVD cases and try to cover them.

+ =


Metals in the Water Cell


The two most important metals in the water cell:


  • Titanium -- an expensive anti-corrosive metal used extensively in the aerospace industry
  • Platinum -- the second material coming in at just under $1400 an ounce


Companies can save money at your expense by covering their plates by using a spraying technique which results in platinum only a few microns thin. When done correctly, the company will actually dip their plates in platinum resulting in a much thicker layer of this precious metal coating.


This is essential for correct ionization and extends the lifespan of your machine.



White Gold


Let's take a look at what corner KYK has cut to keep the price of the unit below $1500.



"The KYK Harmony--another new entry into the USA market--uses 'white gold' for their plating. This is very misleading as there is no such thing as white gold since gold is always yellow.

"White gold, in fact, is actually an amalgam and contains at least 62% silver and other minerals. Platinum is about $1250 an ounce while silver is about $12 an ounce.

"Obviously all the Japanese manufacturers and Jupiter Science etc. would use 'white gold' if it was any good."


Yes, all ionizers have filters


Yes, all units have ionizing chambers (water cells)


But no! They are not created equal.



What Cell Size Means


  1. The output capacity for Jupiter's Aquarius and Orion models is 3 liters per minute while the output capacity for Enagic's Leveluk SD 501 is 8 liters per minute.

  2. The Jupiter units have a filter life of approximately 1000 gallons whereas the SD 501 handles triple the water per filter at 3000 gallons.

  3. The Jupiter power consumption is 80 watts and the Enagic SD 501 consumes 230 watts of power.


Aquarius &
Orion models
SD 501
Ouput Capacity 3 liters per minute 8 liters per minute
Filter Life 1000 gallons 3000 gallons
Power Consumption 80 watts 230 watts


Jupiter's claim:

"Some manufacturers are employing larger plating and claiming they are superior. They hope to fool the consumer into thinking bigger is better.

"With electronics quite the opposite is true. Consider how the radio, camera, computer, and TV have evolved.

"The large electrodes draw 3 to 4 times more power, decreasing the electrode life with no additional benefit to the water."


If you know anything about electronics, the smaller the plates are, the quicker they're going to heat up in fatigue, not the opposite.



We are dealing with water running into a cell and flowing over electrolyzed plates. The larger the plates and the more voltage being applied to them, the stronger the electrolysis, producing a superior water.



This unit was designed to be rugged and to handle whatever a restaurant could throw at it.



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Two Technologies in One Machine


There's a special feature on the SD 501 called the electrolysis enhancer tank. You add a saline solution to this tank to help create strong acid waters and strong alkaline waters.

This is one of the least understood and undervalued aspects when considering the purchase of a water ionizer.


Acidic Water


There's a mass of difference between acidic water and strong acidic water.


Acidic water 4.0 pH    1000x more acidic than 7.0
Strong acidic water 2.5 pH 50,000x more acidic than 7.0



The strong acidic water can disinfect and rejuvinate skin.

<-- Gangrene      Eczema -->



Bacteria and other pathogens thrive in environments with pH levels between 3.0 and 4.0.

Almost all machines can only get down to about 4.0 pH, and a few of them can get as low as 3.0. The problem is that bacteria and pathogens can only be killed in pH levels of 2.6 pH and below.



Alkaline Water


Strong alkaline water has a pH level of 11.5 and is produced at the same time as the strong acidic water only it comes out of the top hose.


The stong alkaline water is so strong that it actually emulsifies oil.


All of the fruits and vegetables that we are ingesting are covered in oil-based insecticides and pesticides, and when you cleanse your food with the powerful Kangen water, you will see a toxic sludge and residue that comes off of your fruits and vegetables.

Cucumbers, strawberries,
green grapes, red grapes
(left to right)
Top view


This water is so strong it lifts stains off of everything from carpets to clothing.


The SD 501 is the result of Enagic making a bullet proof unit for the household based on the technology of the commercial machine.


If you don't have this feature on your ionizer, you can't begin to compare your product to the SD 501. They simply are not the same machine.




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The Enagic Company--



Enagic has its own manufacturing plant in Osaka, Japan. In this plant, they build every single component of their machines. All the parts are manufactured in house, and they even make the mold fittings inside the boxes used to ship the machines. They're so dedicated to quality that nothing is imported to the company.



Enagic has taken the time consuming and costly endeavor to obtain UL, CSA, and ISO 9001 and 1401 certifications.

They have an experienced craftsman assemble one entire unit from the ground up.


With Enagic, you are getting a skilled worker to ensure attention to detail and high quality craftsmanship.


The water cell is built with an open architecture. This means it can be dismantled if something should go wrong with your machine. Enagic technicians can unbolt the water cell and clean off all the plates for you.


Other units are using a closed architecture, and if anything goes wrong with the water cell, you have to send it in to have the entire engine replaced.


The SD 501 has a reverse cleaning mechanism that automatically cleans itself every 15 minutes of use. Reverse polarity is used to disengage the particulate from the plates. Most others do this every 12 hours of use.


Ionized water will leave mineral deposits on the inside of a water cell. To combat this, Enagic incorporated into all their units cleaning cartridges, recommended every 4 to 6 months. It makes the water taste better and extends the performance and durability of the machine, and it immediately restores the caliber of water produced by your ionizer.


ORP and pH are not the only indicators of a water's potential. There just seems to be something different in Kangen water that isn't present in other ionized waters.




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Dollar Values for SD 501 Features


In the summer of 2007, we conducted a little experiment. We wanted to get a loose barometer from people who have used the SD 501 for at least six months to see what value they placed on these upgrades and feature enhancements.


"Would you be willing to downgrade from the SD 501 to the five-plate model, Leveluk DX II?"


Everyone: Not a chance!


Over the next decade, what value would you place on these features of the water cell?


  1. Large Platinum-Coated Plate Area
  2. It's not just about the number of plates in it, but more about the extra 445% more surface area, increasing the performance and longevity of your machine.



  3. Large Electrodes with Triple the Power
  4. You gain extra headroom in electrolosis to create a more powerful antioxidant water on a daily basis



  5. Strong Acid-Alkaline Chamber
  6. It gives you the ability to cleanse your foods of pesticides and clears up major skin conditions.



  7. Quality Control and Attention to Detail
  8. Every piece is custom built, exclusively in the Enagic manufacturing plant, and quality control is maintained every step of the way.



  9. Hand-Built by Quality Craftsman
  10. Enagic employs high quality and personal touch by having one craftsman hand build each unit from the ground up.



  11. Open Architecture
  12. Enagic has engineered the water cell to be disassembled if you ever run into any serious trouble or if you just wanted your machine freshly cleaned.



  13. Cleaning Cartridge
  14. The ingenuity of the cleaning cartridge gives you the ability to personally clean your machine every 4 to 6 months.



  15. Five Year "Bumper-to-Bumper" Warranty

  16. $350

  17. Hard Water Ionizing Ability
  18. The engineering of the SD 501 makes it able to work under extreme conditions and capable of handling the toughest waters, including the extremely hard water of some regions




When you tally up the dollar value of all these features and enhancements, they total $5,200. And when you combine that with the original $1,500, you get a machine valued at $6,700.



The direct sales model that Enagic chose made the most business sense.


Enagic has refused to engage in the water war, especially with Jupiter. They actually didn't believe they were product-to-product competition.